It is unfortunately time to think of the upcoming winter season. Please take a moment to review the following important reminders to prepare for the winter weather and safeguard your home as well as that of your neighbors.

All Units must be heated to the extent necessary to prevent damages from freezing temperatures during the months of October through April inclusive, regardless of whether or not the unit is occupied. Any Unit Owner failing to so heat his Unit shall be obligated to pay a remedial assessment for the costs of any damage caused to any part of the Condominium.

  • If your unit is empty during the winter months, please additionally insure that all windows and doors are closed and securely locked. If at all possible, provide management with the name and phone number for a local contact in case of an emergency. Additionally, please make arrangements with a neighbor, or a relative or friend in the local area, to check on your unit frequently during any extended absence.
  • Please remember pipes under the kitchen sink and in bathrooms, especially in end units and above the courtyard entrances, are particularly vulnerable. Leaving the sink cabinet doors open will allow more heat from the unit to circulate in that area.

Regardless of season, please take time to review the following rules and regulations to help all of the Sunrise at Keansburg Community enjoy their homes and the common property to the fullest:


  • No Unit shall be leased by the Owner for any period less then one (1) year or for transit or hotel purposes.

  • Any and all moves and deliveries must be scheduled Monday through Saturday 10AM to 5PM. All moving and delivery activities upon the Common Elements must be terminated by 5PM. Moving and deliveries are permitted on Sundays or Holidays.

  • The Unit Owner is responsible to inform his/hers tenant of the Moving and Delivery Policy. The Unit Owner is responsible for any fines or damages incurred on behalf of his/her tenant.

  • No lease or occupancy of a Unit shall be permitted unless a true copy of the lease, the Lease Rider and Certificate of Occupancy is furnished in advance to the Association. A “true copy” means the copy must be an exact duplicate of the original with clearly discernible lease dates, and signatures of parties to the lease. In addition, the owner of the Unit shall not have the right to utilize the Common Elements during any period that the said unit is rented. No Unit Owner may lease less then an entire Unit.  The name of every person residing in the leased unit must be provided for identification purposes and Association records.

  • The tenant will comply with the City’s code of occupancy, regulating the number of people allowed to reside within a unit. Pursuant to Chapter 11-4.4 Occupancy of Keansburg General Ordinances (Ordinance 1438).

Common Property Regulations:

  • For safety and security reasons, the building entry doors must be locked at all times. If a violation of this regulation is brought to the attention of the Community Manager or Board, a violation assessment is made automatically, without warning, due to the potential severity of the results of being negligent in this regard.
  • No smoking in common hallways.
  • Flammables may not be stored anywhere on site, whether in the Units or in the Common Areas.
  • The Stairwells and hallways may not be used for any purposes other than ingress and egress. In particular, child’s play, bike riding and the like are not permitted.
  • Nothing whatsoever may be placed on the floor in the hallways, nor may anything be affixed to any of the common walls.
Any modifications to the common or limited common property require completion of a Property Modification Form and approval of the Board of Trustees prior to initiation. This requirement includes installation of satellite dishes and placement of any decorative items on common property. Additionally, while unit exterior doors, garage doors and windows remain the responsibility of the unit owner to repair or replace, as these are visible from the exterior of the property, it is still necessary to submit the Property Modification Form and receive approval prior to any changes.


  • Parking anywhere else on the property except in the designated areas is prohibited.

  • Parking of commercial or recreational vehicles or storage of not properly registered, inspected, insured or incapacitated vehicles anywhere on the property is prohibited.

  • The By-Laws of the Association restrict parking on the property to the garage and driveway of the unit.

  • Guest / Visitor Parking are for Guests and Visitors only.

  • All Unit Owners and tenants must provide the vehicle license plate numbers of vehicles parked on the premises to the Management Office.

  • Parking of any vehicle in the roadway area between the buildings is strictly prohibited. It is imperative that this road be left open to allow for building access by emergency vehicles. Failure to provide for a fire lane may result in towing and / or ticketing of offending vehicles.

  • During snow removal Unit Owners and tenants must cooperate with the equipment operators and/or Board by moving their vehicles if requested. If a resident fails to move a vehicle as requested and the equipment operator must return, any additional charges will be payable to the Association by the unit owner associated with that vehicle. 

These reminders and suggestions are provided for your safety and convenience. After review, please post this in a permanent place within the unit for reference and let’s hope for a far milder winter than the ones recently experienced. Please provide your tenant with a copy of the above if you currently lease your unit. 

Copyright (c)2016 Sunrise at Keansburg Condominium Association & Surf Site Property Management